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【質問 No. 8938】 you would not use <sufficient> の would について ken 2017-09-02 12:38:22

 Umm ... Yes but you use them in different situations. For example, a person might say to someone who did something wrong like lying, "I have had enough of your lies. Please stop." You would not use <sufficient>.

 Whereas, a police officer might say, "there is sufficient evidence to arrest you" the officer can also use the word enough in this situation but using the word <sufficient> makes it seems like there is no doubt.

 Another example using both words ...
 Did you make enough food for everyone?
 Is there a sufficient amount of food for everyone?

 この文にある you would not use sufficient は 仮定法過去ですよね? if節を省略してるのでしょうか? if節のない仮定法は不定詞が付いている文章や otherwise, but for, without だと思うのですが、if you wanted to use sufficient in this situation, you would not use itの if節を勝手に省略してるのでしょうか?

 ご質問の You would not use "sufficient". における would は、元々は、「仮定法過去形」ですが、現在では、独立用法として、言葉を和らげる効果を出すための助動詞となっています。「このような場合、sufficient という言葉は使わないでしょう」というような意味で使われます。特に、if-clause が省略されたと考える必要は無いのです。